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Louisa C. Kim


I first started making paper bead jewelry in 1993. One day, by chance, I came upon a little known craft of paper bead making.  I had previously been making jewelry with conventional beads and was excited by the possibility of using beads made of paper for my work.  However, I felt that unless I made the paper beads more durable, I knew that they would suffer the fate that most paper jewelry would befall, death by disintegration.  So I proceeded to experiment with what would eventually turn out to be one of the most exciting as well as challenging endeavors of my life.  After trying for many months and trying out many dozens of different kinds of varnishes and paper, I finally achieved my goal.  I have created a process of making paper beads that are hard, durable, and waterproof.  My paper beads look like stone, glass, wood, or shell; anything but paper.   I have overcome many difficulties and developed many different kinds of techniques of making my paper beads.



















































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Origami Crane Earrings

EROR1001S $20
EROR1002S $20 EROR1003S $20 EROR1004S $20

Flat Bead Earrings Single Dangle

ERFSD1001G $20 ERFSD1001S $20 ERFSD1002G $20 ERFSD1002S $20 ERFSD1003G $20 more

Flat Bead Earrings Double Dangle

ERFDD1001G $21 ERFDD1001S $21 ERFDD1002G $21 ERFDD1002S $21 ERFDD1003G $21 more

Flat Bead Earrings Triple Dangle

ERFTD1001S $25 ERFTD1002S $25 ERFTD1003S $25 ERFTD1004S $25 ERFTD1005S $25 more

Rolled Bead Earrings Single Dangle

ERRSD1001G $20 ERRSD1001S $20 ERRSD1002S $20 ERRSD1003S $20 ERRSD1004G $20 more

Rolled Bead Earrings Double Dangle

ERRDD1001S $25 ERRDD1002S $25 ERRDD1003S $25 ERRDD1004S $25 ERRDD1005S $25 more

Splash Bead Post Earrings

ERRPSB1001S $25 ERRPSB1002S $25 ERRPSB1003S $25 ERRPSB1004S $25 ERRPSB1005S $25 more

Small Rolled Bead Post Earrings

ERRP1001S $11 ERRP1002S $11 ERRP1003S $11 ERRP1004S $11 ERRP1005S $11

Small Rolled Bead Hoop Earrings

ERRH1001S $20 ERRH1002S $20 ERRH1003S $21 ERRH1004S $20 ERRH1005S $20

Small Rolled Bead Fancy Hoop Earrings

ERRFH1001S $21 ERRFH1002S $21 ERRFH1003S $20 ERRFH1004S $20 ERRFH1005S $20 more